The Jeffrey Mining Machinery Co.

25 Jeffrey Park was named after a banker by the name of Joseph Jeffrey.  Joseph Jeffrey, inventor Francis Lechner, and several others formed a partnership to develop a machine to mine underground coal.  At that time miners had only picks and shovels, and extracting coal was a very slow, very labor-intensive process.  After several years, the partners succeeded in producing the world’s first coal mining machines.  The new machines in turn created a demand for electric mine locomotives and conveyors to move the coal, plus crushers and other devices to process it.  In 1887 Mr. Jeffrey bought out the other partners and formed The Jeffrey Manufacturing Company.  The Company prospered.  By the turn of the century, it was a recognized leader in its industry and an important factor in the Columbus economy.  It was also becoming known for its progressive employee relations.  In 1889 the Company opened one of the earliest on-site infirmaries, and in 1905 it established a cooperative store, offering employees quality goods at fair prices.  In 1912 it established an employee cafeteria, and in the same year the Jeffrey Building & Loan Association was formed to assist employees in buying their own homes.